Let’s face it; there is no definitive way of evaluating soundtracks. Some people prefer seeing big hits on their lineups while others appreciate original compositions. And that leaves the artist’s fate in the fan’s hands. Here are some of the ways charts decide how a soundtrack will fair on the top charts.

The People’s Choice

When a decent track first comes out, all the popular charts put it up for public review. Fans get the chance to rank the track on a pre-determined scale and leave a few words regarding their experience. The site then puts the songs in a list, with the first one being the most voted entry. It is the same system used by www.rubyfortunecasino.org, where players vote for the best games according to their preferences.

History of the Composer

As much as most people might disagree, previous works can influence current ranking. Fans have high expectations for some composers, and that might shape how they vote. It is also possible for some soundtracks to never find their way to these charts. Therefore, it is safe to say the composer’s track record matters when it comes to ranking.

The Success of the Movie/Game

The popularity of the game also plays a significant role in a soundtrack ranking. In fact, there are hundreds of movies and games that come out every year, but only a handful of them land on these prestigious charts. The quality of the game (or plot of the film) needs to be interesting enough to draw the attention of chart owners as it’s the only way to get large scale attention.

There you have it, all the conventional ways to identify soundtracks that deserve a spot on the top charts. However, these methods may vary from site to site. It boils down to hard work plus a little luck to succeed as a composer.