Music and gaming make a great combination, just like hot chips and bread rolls. You can have them separately, but the experience is never the same.

Soundtracks play a significant role in keeping players coming back for more. From the bloops and bleeps of yesteryears to today’s modern beats and orchestras, gaming tracks have indeed come a long way. Here are some games that came with killer soundtracks.

Bastion 2011

When Darren Korb was tasked with making a track for Bastion, he decided to let his creative juices flow and do something out of the norm. In the end, he presented an acoustic hip hop track that came alongside an acoustic guitar melody. Gamers received this idea surprisingly well and even went ahead to buy the soundtrack overwhelmingly.

Chrono Triggers 1995

In all honesty, Chrono Triggers is a masterpiece that cannot be replicated, even if they tried. Everything, including the theme, plot, and soundtracks were near perfection, making it one of the greatest games ever created. Interestingly, the soundtrack features over 60 songs that play for a solid 2 minutes before repeating. This was a new thing at that time, which later turned out to be the beginning of a strong trend.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011)

Skyrim is another trendsetter that experimented with an orchestra when nobody else dared. The composer made up dragon language, created a rhythm, and got a 30-man choir to make the central theme of the soundtrack. The result was a ghostly track that fits the game’s plot perfectly. There’s nothing more exciting than the sound of drums thumping in battle or listening to a soft orchestra when tearing through the game.

That said, it is worth noting that there are other games with decent soundtracks out there, but only these three could make it to this list.