The soundtrack landscape has seen a lot of decent contributions from top-tier producers this year. Still, some composers did an exceptional job, according to critics. Here are the top 3 latest soundtrack albums so far.

Birds of Prey Original Soundtrack

The composers of “Birds of Prey” came up with an exciting lineup, to say the least. While not all songs are headbangers or cool covers, the overall experience is decent. That combined the little fact that the album’s cohesiveness compliments the film’s narrative, makes “Birds of Prey” one of the best soundtracks this year. However, the “Halsey Song” goes a little overboard, and the vocals on ” So Thick” can be irritating.

Self Portrait Original Soundtrack

This biographical movie might not be to everyone’s taste. Still, you must admit the director of this movie has good taste for music. There’s something about the sadness and warmth in Sussanne’s voice in the song “Weightless” that makes this album beautiful and satisfying. Surprisingly, most people who listen to this album are not interested in watching the film, probably because of its horrific nature.

The Turning (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Despite being part of a horror movie, this soundtrack features an impressive list of alternative artists for those times you’re feeling adventurous. The film is an adaptation of Henry James’s horrifying novella ‘The Turn of The Screw.’ Still, the soundtrack is an entirely different and modern affair. The album features Mitski, Courtney, Soccer Mommy, Vagabon, Cherry Glazer, Muna, and Dani Miler of Surfbort.

All the songs are strong enough to stand alone, and many of these artists have even gone ahead to release the songs independently. That is a good idea considering all the work they put into creating these original compositions for “The Turn.” According to them, not a single effort should go to waste.